1. Tennis & Paddle/Pickleball Courts

  1. All players on the courts must be members of the Lodge, Hotel Guests or pay the posted court fees.  

  2. Lodge Staff will check for membership key cards periodically, you must have them on you at all times.

  3. Reservations can be made in person at the Recreation Office or by phone. If the office is closed you may leave a message stating the time and court you’d like to reserve.             

  4. Court reservations can be made no further than 48 hours in advance and are made on the hour,if you’d like to reserve on the half hour you will be limited to 1 ½ hour play time

  5. Court time is limited to 2 hours and is subject to availability and players are not guaranteed a particular court.

  6. Walk on Play is allowed, check court reservations to ensure a court is available prior to play, if a court is available you may play, 2 hours maximum or until the next reservation time, whichever comes first. Members must check in at office to guarantee court.

  7. You will have 45 minutes after your reserved start time to check into your reservation. If the named person on the reservation has not checked in within 45 minutes the entire reservation will be cancelled and opened for other players.

  8. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times

  9. Players must access courts at perimeter gates and not by crossing another court

  10. No solicitation of commercial tennis services is allowed, including but not limited to lessons, either group or individual, buying/selling tennis equipments or services.  

  11. Appropriate attire is to be worn at all times, including proper footwear

  12. Gates must remain closed at all times;  before, during and after play.  It is prohibited to prop gates open unless approved by management.  Any person found tampering with locks in any manner is subject to suspension of membership privileges.  

  13. All organized activities (tournaments etc.)  need to be approved by LLSM management, events may not be scheduled and performed without prior approval


  1. Swimming Pools

The Lodge has two swimming pools for our members and their guests.

  1. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase at the Recreation Office.

  2. There is no lifeguard on duty at either pool.

  3. Showering before using the pool is recommended

  4. Do not enter pools while they are being cleaned

  5. There is no smoking or glass allowed in the designated pool areas

  6. Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed

  7. Gates to remain closed at all times, propping open gates or tampering of locks is prohibited

  8. Events being held at the pool need management approval

  9. Tampering with pool equipment is prohibited

  10. Swimming during organized aqua fitness classes is not allowed

  11. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult

  12. Babies must wear ‘swim’ diapers

  13. When using pool toys be considerate of other guests

  14. At the Relaxation Pool the following are prohibited: Pool toys, floaties, splashing, running and jumping


  1. Billiards Room

The Billiards room is located next to the Club Room and has two pool tables ready for your use and enjoyment.

  1. Be respectful of equipment, store equipment in designated areas

  2. Absolutely no food or drink on pool tables, use the bar shelves provided

  3. No smoking

  4. Tampering with the door lock is prohibited

  5. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult

  1. Beach and Common Areas

These areas are provided and maintained for the enjoyment of our members and their guests.

  1. No littering

  2. Dogs must be leashed and attended, owners must pick up after their dogs

  3. Be considerate of other patrons when playing sports, games etc.

  4. Events being held in the common areas need management approval

  5. Do not place items on grass that will cause damage, absolutely no stakes in the grass