St. Mark's "Big Break Games" In GIF's

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St. Mark's "Big Break Games" In GIF's

You see the ad. Peaks your interest.


When you finally see the value in inviting your odd “trick shot specialist” golf buddy

When you see “Speed Golf” on the itinerary

That feeling when you're leaving work on a Friday to play in a golf tournament

Your team pow-wow before the round starts

Your face when you see the dreaded Flop Wall

Tee shot from the rough, under a tree?

Taking advantage of your two complementary craft beers like…

The one time in your life when you’re encouraged to break glass windows with a ball

Green Dartboard. Suddenly the putting surface seems so small!

When they take 11 of your clubs away and tell you play the hole anyway.

When you leave the course thinking, “It looked so much easier on TV.” 

When high score wins a $200 Gift Cards for everyone on your team. Even the guy that just sat in the cart and drank...

Be the Heizenberg of St. Mark's "Big Break" Games 4-Man tournament. 5:30 pm shotgun, Friday August 26th. Just $29 per player and includes two craft beers per attendee. Don't miss this! Unless you're chicken...

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